Thursday, November 29, 2007

Greed mixed with stupidity

I couldn't believe the news today that some elite Melbourne private schools were charging $20,000+ for year 12 tuition fees.

And that some were charging as high as $16,000 for prep!

How much should it cost to educate a kid each year?

$20,000+ per annum school fees just seems way out of control.

The message to parents must be 'drop your wallets here and we'll buy your child success'.

And don't forget that these schools are receiving Federal government support.

'In 2004-'05, non-government schools received $5451 per student in funding from the Victorian and federal governments in addition to compulsory student fees from parents. Government schools received $9700 per student and can only charge voluntary fees.'

Inequality seems to have gone completely mad in education spending and priorities at the moment.

The so-called Latham hit-list doesn't seem like such a bad idea when you see such terrible funding outcomes.

I sincerely hope Labor have the guts to take on private schools and the creeping sense of middle class entitlement and greed that currently inflicts our society.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember my father once telling me that statistics suggest that a good private education contributes 3 points to your ENTER score. And that its a lot better value to send your kids to a government school and pay full fee at university.

That said I think their are other motives for some parents, such as the longer friendships people seem to form at Private Schools.

Still, Tim, there are some good reasons for funding private schools that I would like to see you debunk:

1. Why shouldn't private schools get some government funding (especially poor Catholic schools?)

2. What if you removed the government contribution to private schools? Wouldn't that reduce the number of kids attending private schools, and perhaps increase the cost to Government?

Personally I hate Private schools and think they should be banned! How is it good for society to have all the wealth kids going to school together, all of the Jewish kids going to school together, all of the poor kids going to school together, all of the catholic kids going to school together...

Again, I remember something my Father suggested. Provide a few guaranteed spots at Melb Uni for each public school in Vic, smae for the the other Unis. Then there would be a competitive advantage for all those preciouses middle class private kids to go to there local government school.

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