Friday, November 23, 2007

Election Day Top Ten

In the spirit of the new socialism... group blog post!

C: Welcome Timboy
T: Clears throat... mumbles thanks

Todays topic is "Top 10 things to say to the schmuck handing out 'how to votes' for the Libs".

10. Sorry, do you have one from the Islamic Federation of Australia?

9. How about you go for growth and get fucked?

8. If you happen to have some leftover Champers tonight, could you just send it round to my place? Us lefties can't afford it.

7. Don't get too happy, the only thing that is narrowing is my hateful glare.

6. If I vote this ticket, can I get my election bribes paid out in cash?

5. I'm going to vote like a donkey, not like an ass.

4. Don't you hate it when you show up to a function and someone else has the same T-Shirt?

3. You'll be working in Hungry Jack's while I'm still a fair weather labour voter.

2. Can I borrow a dollar for the sausage sizzle and 11.7 billion dollars to fix the healthcare system?

1. We're coming back!


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