Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Jens Lekman isn't my friend

via Pitchfork: 'On the other hand, Jens Lekman isn't quite Jens Lekman anymore. He logged out of MySpace for the last time in February, dissatisfied with the impersonality of the medium. The new Lekman is a 23-year-old American who so far has only one friend; he joins impostor Lekmans already populating Facebook and Friendster. The actual Lekman apparently finds something beautiful in these false copies of himself, and he's come to embrace them. "Just like I've lately embraced all the misinterpretations in the media," he explains, again on his blog.'

i feel cheated, but the new album looks like a better start to summer than equine flu's abatement of horse stories in the back pages.


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