Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Belgian Bike Pron 3: My Ridley Scandium

The timboy mothership in all it's glory resting up against the spiritual home of Belgian cycling, the Muur of Gerardsbergen (or Grammont as the Frogs call it). 2007 Ridley Scandium frame, 2006 Chorus and Zonda wheels. The local R.I.P.A team rode these frames as well in sloping as well as traditional varieties.

The frame itself was spot on for Belgian racing. As smooth as you could possibly want for riding the cobbles, and bumpy roads. The extra bit of wheelbase over my previous bike made all the difference in the comfort department.

By the end of my stay the thing was barely holding together however. I replaced brake pads twice, needed new cables at one stage after getting a new set just before I left. The right shifter went to the shitter. I broke my chain. Needed new jockey wheels and cassette etc etc. But the frame itself was marvellous.

The only change I'm making is replacing the Arione with an old rolls. The Arione just bugged me for the entire trip. It was abrasive in all the wrong places, and didn't really have enough padding for the really rough roads. The Arione is fine for beach road cruising in Melbourne, but for the country roads that we race over most of the time it just isn't comfortable enough. The thing that caused me a lot of trouble was the square shape of the nose of the saddle. In the cobbled races this rather sharp edge could really hack you up. so it's back to the rolls.

I've raved about them before, but the Zonda wheels were fantastic. They are going on two years old now and I still haven't broken a spoke. After being thrashed for six weeks the only thing that needed to be done to them was a slight truing of the front wheel. Campy wheels also proved very popular with the locals- who seemed to be especially fond of the cheaper offerings Zondas, Siroccos, Khamsins and the like.

All in all, I would highly recommend getting a Ridley Scandium frame because they're cheap, light, comfortable and bomb proof. They also come in sloping and traditional sizes, so whatever you're preference, they have a style for you.


Anonymous Phil said...

There's something wrong with the top tube of your sloping Scandium bike, I can't quite make it out....must be the lighting.

3:39 AM  
Blogger timboy said...

At least my bum won't be swaying side to side on a 30cm seatpost, unlike some people!!!

4:14 AM  
Anonymous Butterfly said...

Well written article.

2:01 PM  
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