Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Age of Consent

Phillip Adams wrote yesterday about lowering the voting age to 16 years.

I'm all for this idea, but why stop at 16 years.

Why not go further, why not 14 or 15?

I would imagine the average 14 year old is more than capable of making a rational political choice.

I mean, what's holding us back.

We can argue that Children can be easily lead, or bribed, but then so can adults.

If the aged and infirm can vote, why not the young.

The average 14 year old these days is much more tuned in to the wider world than a 14 year old of twenty years ago.

The Internet has meant that today's kids are constantly monitoring the events of the day.

I think the time has come to welcome young adults into the franchise!

But of course there were no teenagers at 2020 to lead the charge were there! All the more reason why we need to extend the vote to the young'uns.


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